On Star Wars v Star Trek


Most visions of the distant future see the World, or even the Galaxy, as a federal place. Some see this as a blessing (the Federation in Star Trek or Iain M Banks’ Culture), others as an oppression (the Empire in Star Wars*, PanEm in the Hunger Games or Eurasia in 1984).

But I haven’t read or watched a distant future fantasy in which the Earth is not organised in a federal way (other than the post-apocalyptic type, where petty nationalism has resulted in a massive destructive war that leaves everybody fighting for their own lives).

OK – these are fantasies. I’m not suggesting otherwise.But I propose that their contrary perspectives could be the deciding factor in the Great Brexit Referendum (if you want my detailed view of the issues, look here).

What am I on about? I shall explain.

At the outset, people asked to be told the facts in a clear, non-emotive way. As we all now know, that was a vain hope.

Most sane people now concede that there are no certain long-term consequences of Remaining or Leaving – and the further into the future we gaze, the less certain we can be.

So, I believe what will guide people in the voting booth will be their guts. In other words, the question of control vs collaboration will come to the fore.

Those who see the EU as a malicious, greedy, wasteful, establishment plot to rob ordinary people of any say in how they are governed (the Star Wars model) will vote to Leave.


Those who view it as a collaborative project which which brings people, businesses and governments closer together so as to settle differences amicably and to tackle cross-border issues collectively (the Star Trek model) will vote to Remain.

It wont surprise anyone who knows me that in this context, I am very much a Trekky.

May you live long and prosper.

Speak soon

Labenal  (@GoonerEll)

* Yes, I am aware that Star Wars is a vision not of the future, but of a long time ago, but it looks pretty futuristic to me!

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