On Post-Referendum Anger

This is my first post, not only post-Brexit, but also post-@GoonerEll (I am now @Labenal1)! This is how I feel.


Other than the fact that I’m not Welsh, and that I’m not sure I agree with point 1 about the old stuffing the young (I think were all to blame), I will just direct you to this, which absolutely sums up how I feel.


My (and others) being pissed off at the referendum result is not “anti-democratic”, it’s not “elitist”, it’s not “insulting” to those who voted Leave.

I dont blame most of those who voted Leave (other than the genuinely racist and xenophobic ones). I blame the lying liars in the Leave campaign and the Remain campaign who didn’t do a good enough job of exposing their lies.

Speak soon

Labenal  (no longer @GoonerEll – now @Labenal1)

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